INDEPENDENT AIR BALANCE - Test & Balance Professionals
                 OUR ORGANIZATION
Test and Balance agency.
We specialize in:
Air Balance of HVAC Systems
Water Balance of HVAC Systems
Sound & Vibration Testing
Duct Leak Testing
Kitchen Hood Performance Testing
We are a valuable tool because we provide UNBIASED, ACCURATE, AND CERTIFIED TEST RESULTS.
Our DEDICATION to the "TOTAL SYSTEM BALANCE" concept and our close relationship with the engineers and contractors we work with has made it possible for us to provide TROUBLE-FREE PROJECTS to our customers.  We believe our responsibilities do not end with simply adjusting air quantities to specified amounts or setting water flows to designed quantities.  Our concerns include proper setting and operation of the controls that operate the entire HVAC System.
As a result, our "Total system balance" concept enables the system to be operated in accordance to the ENGINEER’S DESIGN and to the optimal performance of the system.
Thank You for considering us as a viable test and balance agency.  We hope we can do business with you soon.